U-Bundle is a project that my group and I developed while at Parsons The New School for Design.

Design as a virtual assistant, U-Bundle aggregates our online presence into one application. In doing so and leveraging big data, U-Bundle learns about your relationships with others and suggests ways to maintain those relationships. Did you forget that your mom’s birthday was approaching? U-Bundle would remind you a week earlier and suggests gifts from online retailers like Amazon that could be purchased and shipped easily to her home.

Perhaps more interestingly, U-Bundle then also acts as a faucet on the flow of your personal data, allowing you to control what data various platforms and companies can collect about you. In doing so, U-Bundle gives you the power to decide what companies know about you and allows you to profit from selling your data.

Concerning both data democratization and online privacy, we’re ready to see a real case for businesses like this in the real world given our current sociopolitical climate.

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