M: A Men’s Fashion Presentation

M: A Men’s Fashion Presentation was the culmination of my undergraduate experience at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion.

Investigating the complex nature of men’s body image and self-esteem through the lens of fashion, the project spoke to diverse men about their perceptions of the fashion industry and its impact on their self-image. Representing various intersectional identities, participants were then asked to participate in a fashion presentation that invited them onto the runway.


In front of an audience of 100 guests, these men displayed looks that they chose, representing outfits that made them feel empowered in their own definition of masculinity. The show sought to present and educate diverse interpretations of masculinity, to empower men to challenge the patriarchy and invite the participants and the audience to engage in a dialogue rooted in feminism to imagine the future of the fashion industry.

In exploring the application of co-design to the production of a fashion presentation, show participants were asked to contribute their ideas to the various creative components of the show such as songs, lighting design and set design.

Fashion, Social, Thinking