My peers and I at Parsons all had very similar experiences while searching for scholarships. In a nutshell, the process was incredibly labourious, often requiring days of searching for scholarships. Oftentimes, these searches led students to the brink of frustration, resulting in them stopping their search for a multitude of reasons.

To make this process much easier, we envisionedĀ Grantd, an application that would streamline the scholarship search process both for students and those who provide scholarships. We spoke to dozens of graduate students and saw the opportunity to design a system that would easily match students with scholarships they qualify for – one of the biggest hurdles to success in the scholarship search process. Similarly, we spoke to organizations who provide scholarships and agencies that facilitate scholarships to better understand the needs of the providers as well.

We learned that millions of dollars in scholarship money go unclaimed every year, justifying this space as a legitimate business opportunity. While we toyed with bringing this idea to market, we then noticed a young startup calledĀ Scholly enter the market and stepped back after the company’s successful Shark Tank pitch. We still feel great about our idea, but we’re thrilled about Scholly founder Chris Gran’s success and can’t help but think that great minds think alike!

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